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The Clicker

The Clicker
by Gary Woods

Recently there was an Adam Sandler picture called "The Clicker," this article isn't about that film. What this article is about is those little devices that reside next to your favorite chair that are used to control your entertainment center.

My setup had 6 different components including an Audio Visual Amplifier, Cable Box, CD player, DVD player, VCR and TV. So in order for me to watch TV I have to turn on the TV, AV Amp and Cable Box. 2 of these devices were able to work with the universal remote provided by the nice folks at Cox, but the amplifier is old and wouldn't turn on.

The real problem was that every time I left town I would get panicky phone calls from my wife wondering how she could watch Jeopardy. Now there have been "Universal Remotes" around for years but they were always a pain. You had to program those devices using arcane codes and some of the features never worked.

After some diligent shopping on the Internet I came up with the Logitech Harmony One ( I was able to check online to see whether all of my devices were supported which they were. Then when I got it I was able to program what they call Activities like "Watch TV" and "Watch a DVD." The remote then turned on the correct devices and adjusted the settings on the AV Amp. This meant that with one button everything was up and working. You can also program in your favorite channels and with the help of Icon Harmony ( ) I was able to download and install High Resolution graphics onto my remote including stations like Kcal 9 and KCET.

The Logitech Harmony One is GREAT!

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc