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The Droid Meets iTunes

The Droid Meets iTunes
by Gary Woods

In the Apple world of Mobile Computing everything revolves around iTunes. From music to movies to books to whatever you want on your mobile devices iTunes sorts it out and moves it to the proper location.

In the Android World everybody has a "better" idea???? Seemingly each manufacturer and all the Wireless companies have their own way of moving your tunes around and none of them integrate with iTunes.

But now, iSyncr for PC combines a Windows utility and an Android app to keep your phone or tablet in sync with iTunes. For a mere $2.99 for the App plus $0.99 if you want WiFi capability your iTunes can be firmly ensconced on your smokin' hot Droid Phone or Tablet.

When you first run the App it installs a small Windows utility on your device and/or storage card. Then, when you connect your mobile device to your computer you need to enable USB storage. At that point you can begin running the iSyncr utility.

After you've got the utility running it's just a matter of choosing the play-lists you want to sync. When you're done synching you music just make sure and "safely remove" your phone or tablet and then fire up the music app. The iSyncr app also supports synching in the other direction, so you can sync the songs that your purchase and the play-lists that you create on your mobile device back to your PC.

If you get that optional $0.99 WiFi Add-on which works with a desktop server program for Windows you can ditch that sync cable and cruise in the cloud. If you've been waiting to get all those cool tunes from iTunes into your Droid this is your shot. Go For IT!!!

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc