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The Great Divide Part 3

The Great Divide Part 3
by Gary Woods

Last week we talked about updating to Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 and looked at what's happening with the Pro line of Apple Computers. This week we'll put a button on all of this and try to peer into the dimly lit future.

With the Mac operating system moving closer and closer to the iOS of iPhone and iPads I've seen it suggested that Apple will do a bi-furcation with a completely Professional version of OSX. Nothing in Apple's past tells me that's a possibility. When Steve Jobs left Apple he formed Next which was pointed directly at the high end user and I think we all know what happened with that little gambit. The only upside of the venture was it acquainted Jobs with Unix which became the basis for OSX.

With computers getting smaller and particularly thinner it has become almost impossible to work on them. We seem to be charging into an era of disposable products. If you break the glass on an iPad and you have Apple Care + the nice folks at the Apple Store will probably just hand you a new device. Maybe the broken one will be fixed and put out as a re-furb or maybe it will just be chucked.

After all this hand wringing is said and done I'm not really sure what it all means. I just get concerned that the vast majority of the limited resources at Apple are being pointed at the consumer side of the ledger and short changing the Professional. As I said in the beginning currently I’m happy with the state of things in the Apple world and I’m able to get everything done that needs to done. But I’m just kind of looking over the brim of the hill and trying to decipher where were going.

For people who make their living making music, taking pictures and editing cinema things seem to be in a state of flux which is why I came up with the title "The Great Divide." It may be that software and hardware developers that cater to professionals will continue to evolve and we'll all just keep moving forward. Or maybe we are at a crossroads and we'll have to look at other ways to get our jobs done.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors and he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc.