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The Lost Video

The Lost Video
by Gary Woods

The other day I was wandering around looking for something to view on my big beautiful Samsung 55" Plasma TV when I came across a spoof of a Steve Jobs biography called "iSteve." It stars Justin Long who was in those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials with John Hodgman so I figured it was worth a look. The video which runs 79 minutes is a humorous re-telling of the Apple co-founder's life and was described as "surprisingly amusing."

According to the reviews the films tells the story of Jobs and Woz and how they team up to build the original Apple Computer but in the telling they get many of the facts intentionally wrong.

The film was supposed to be on a website called "Funny or Die" which hosts many very amusing videos like "Gay of Thrones" the spoof of "Game of thrones" and Justin Bieber's, Space to-Do List.

Unfortunately, the only reference on the Funny or Die website was to 4 videos that were trailers for the movie, but no movie. There was however a link to Hulu which looked like it held some promise but when I went to the link the only thing I got was "D'oh! This video isn't available."

Currently the only way it seems to see this epic is to purchase it on Amazon for $5.99 so at present I'm saving up my Amazon orders until they total $25 that way I can get free shipping to actually get to see this thing. Boy, I hope it's worth the wait!!!

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