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The Texting Outlook

Texting From Outlook
by Gary Woods

Texting from your phone or wireless device is pretty addicting. But typing on some of those small keyboards can be a real pain. Especially if you've got a phone without a keyboard requiring you to hit the number 9 four times to get the letter "z."

To make creating text messages a little easier there is a way you can text using Outlook. First though you must configure Outlook for SMS. Choose Tools, Account Settings, click the E-mal tab, and select New. Click Other, and choose Outlook Mobile Service and click Next.

You'll have to link Outlook to a third-party service responsible for sending the messages but there are several choices. The least expensive service I found was Joopz ( For a monthly fee of $3, it permits you to send an unlimited number of messages; alternatively Joopz offers a free account that allows you to send 50 messages and receive an unlimited number of them.

Going forward with setting up text service on Outlook you enter the service's URL, your user ID and your password then click OK. To finalize your new account settings, restart Outlook and then choose File, New and Text Message to send a message.

As all you texters know you only get 160 characters per message so watch the preview on the left to see whether your text will remain in one piece or will be automatically split up into multiple messages. Then in the To: field put in your recipients cell phone number from your Outlook database and click send. That's it, you're Texting in Outlook.

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