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TiVo Helper!

TiVo Helper!!!
by Gary Woods

Let's face it; TiVo is one of the cooler things on the planet. Being able to record your television programs including those in High Definition and play them back whenever you want is great. But some of us end up wanting to save everything that's broadcast and ol' Mr. TiVo gets filled to the brim pretty darn quickly.

To help us in our quest to archive the video world Western Digital has come up with My DVR Expander. With the Expander you can record an extra 60 hours of HD (Hi-Def) content or 300 hours of SD (standard-def) video on its 500GB specialized hard drive.

Now for the bad news, the Expander only works with TiVo Series 3 or some Scientific Atlantic DVRs that have eSATA outputs. If you're still with me and haven't wadded up the column and put it at the bottom of the birdcage I've got a few more caveats.

First, make sure and read your DVR instructions very carefully or you could end up deleting all the content you've got stored already. Second, if you're got a TiVo Series 3 make sure and download version 9.2 from the TiVo website. And third, if you disconnect the Expander all of your programming will be erased because every time it gets plugged into a new device it re-formats the hard drive. This also means you won't be taking the Expander and moving it over to your computer and downloading the data to your hard drive.

All that said, if what you want is more recorded Video Material check out the Western Digital Expander for $200 retail.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc