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Use It Once and Throw It Away!

Use It Once and Throw it Away!
by Gary Woods

Sure it's fun to get spam email. I mean, what would I do with my day if I wasn't able to read 300+ emails trying to sell me all manner of wonderful products? But let's say you would like to cut down on that flow, what would you do? Well one of the things that's popped up is disposable email addresses. They can be used and thrown away at will.

For instance, Yahoo AddresssGuard which is part of Yahoo's $20 annual fee for Mail Plus ( allows the user to choose a single unique prefix for all of the addresses you create. For example, my unique identifier could be "Gary" which I then append to a suffix for each new address. Let's say I wanted to correspond with a company called "" This means I could create an email address like Then, when the email comes in I'll know exactly where it came from. And more importantly it means that if mail from this company gets to be too much I can create a Filter or Rule in Outlook which will stop email from "crummystuff" ever reaching me.

Another company is Nyms ( They also charge $20 per year but what they do is have all of the addresses end in "" That way all of the mail sent to you using the "" domain get sent to them and then forwarded on to you. The cool thing about their service is that you can specify an expiration date for your address.

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