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What's My Password

What's My Password?
by Gary Woods

I'm the trainer for the Association of Realtors and about once a week I get a call asking "what's my password?" It always surprises them that I don't know all 1,500 passwords for all the Realtors in town. In fact I actually don't know any of their passwords. They're all encrypted and even the system administrator doesn't know their passwords which brings us to the topic of today's column.

Password managers have been around for a long time but they're all pretty limited because they're tied to the computer that the person uses. This means that when that person is out and about away from their home or office computer they don't have a clue about their passwords.

To remedy the problem of the remote password RoboForm, which has been one of the better Password Managers for a long time has come up with RoboForm Online. This software that's currently in beta testing allows you to sync your passwords to RoboForm's servers allowing the user to access those servers online or sync them to another PC with the company's desktop software.

The core of RoboForm password management is the passcard. A passcard contains login and address information for a specific site or application. There are two ways to set one up. First, you can navigate to the login screen of the target site or Web application and enter your account ID and password or you can also pre-configure a site login.

The passwords are encrypted, so even RoboForm employees can't read them. The software retails for $30 and there's a limited free edition that allows you to test out the program before you buy.

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc