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What's on Apple TV

What's On Apple TV???
Gary Woods

Apple TV is a bridge from your computer to your Television Set. It's meant to attach to a wide-screen digital TV and to be hooked up to your home theatre sound system. The TV doesn't have to be Hi-Def but it does need to have at least an enhanced-definition (EDTV) display that's capable of displaying 480p (480 lines of progressive-scan resolution).

The device connects to your computer via 802.11 Wi-Fi networking, but it also has an Ethernet connection if you happen to have a cable running into the Living Room. You control Apple TV with an Apple Remote and Data gets loaded into the device's 40GB hard by synchronizing it with a computer (Mac or PC) running iTunes. You can even set it up to automatically copy movies, TV Shows, music, photos and other data across your home network.

When Apple TV is turned on, you'll see a menu of options similar to what you would find on an iPod or Apple's Front Row software. It can play content that the iPod plays like H.264 and MPEG-4 videos up to 640 by 480, but it'll also play high definition content at 1,280 by 720 pixels (720p) or 1,080i.

Apple TV is a small device 7.7 inches square and 1.1 inches high and retails for $299. If you've been looking at ways to get your entertainment stuff from your computer to the Living Room this could be just the ticket.

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