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When You're Old!!

When You're Old!!
by Gary Woods

Didya' ever wonder what happens to old cell phones? There are definitely a bunch of them out there because of all the programs the cell companies have to get new phones in our grubby little paws as soon as possible.

There's a company called ReCellular ( out of Michigan that processes about 15,000 phones a day including recent models as well as oldies but goodies. Older phones that still work but are banged up will typically go to third-world countries, but ReCellular also cleans up more recent models and then distributes then to US resellers.

Some of their customers include people who have lost a new phone that they just bought for a lot of money and neglected to purchase the insurance. The prospect of paying $400 to replace something you bought for $100 is to say the lease under whelming. The other big market for old phones is the prepaid-service business. These pay-as-you-go customers are starting to be a huge market.

The most important thing to do if you buy a used phone is to check the warranty. The length is only one element of the warranty; you should look at exactly what is covered. The other thing to realize is that support from the manufacturer may be non-existent. If you've got a problem you're really out there on your. As with anything you purchase, check out exactly what you're getting before you buy.

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