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Watts Up With That

Word Up, Dog
by Gary Woods

Being a Wordsmith I'm sure you're not surprised that I love dictionaries. The first Dictionary I got for the iPad was It's a free download from the App Store with a 3 ½ star rating and when you combine it with their it's a pretty cool package.

The next Dictionary I got was actually a surprise to me. I was sitting on the couch staring at the Kindle App for the iPad when all of a sudden the New Oxford American Dictionary started downloading. I checked the price of the Book in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore and at the time it was about a $35 download. I quickly sent off an email to Amazon who told me that you get the Dictionary free when you download the Kindle App for iPad. It's a great App because when you're reading any book in the Kindle App you highlight a word and it shows you the word in the Dictionary along with links for the word to Google and Wikipedia.

Having 2 perfectly good dictionaries what did I need with a third for when "Terminology" appeared? This App touts itself as a browser for the English language. It's both a dictionary and a thesaurus and is designed to make it easy to explore words and phrases. You just enter a word or phrase you want to know more about and it starts to auto-populate choices for you as you type. Tap on one of the definitions and you'll see its definition(s), synonyms and antonyms. The information is presented well and it's nice to have the easy links out to web reference sources to more fully understand the word or phrase. For a $2 app Terminology was too cool for me to pass up, check it out!

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Gary Woods is the Computer Trainer for the Santa Barbara Association of Realtors. And he is a Broker/Associate at Home Realty & Investments, Inc