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Hi, we're Gary and Laury Woods
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There's a whole lot to Montecito Real Estate
It stretches from Hot Springs Rd on the West to Sheffield Dr on the East
Then takes a trip along East Valley Rd all the way over to Toro Canyon
On the South it starts at the Ocean then goes all the up to Mountain Dr

Montecito Real Estate is so cool it's got two downtowns
The Old Coast Highway stretches for several blocks
and is bordered by Olive Mill Rd and Hot Springs Rd.
Then up on East Valley Rd there's the Upper Village
with its' great restaurants, book store, grocercy, fine clothing and banks

There's a wide variety of housing available in Montecito
from magnificent rambling estates to cozy studio condominiums
There is a lot from which you can choose !!

There's a lot to do around Montecito
From Farmer's Markets to Gala Star Studded events.
To find out what's awaiting you in the area you can give a look
at our AREA INFO page.

Whether you're looking for recreation or entertainment
you'll find it in Montecito and on our AREA INFO page.

We look at Montecito Real Estate every week
and it's a constantly changing smorgasbord or interesting and varied properties!
from cute little homes that once were carriage houses for huge estates
to multi-acre spreads with jaw dropping beauty. It's all here.

The schools in area are one of its' greatest assets.
There are both Public and Private Schools to meet your needs as well as
the Brooks Institute of Photography and Westmont College,
Here's a list of Montecito Schools

We love Montecito Real Estate and we'd love to share it with you!!
So whatever you'd like to see in the area please just let us know.
If you don't find the Real Estate you're looking for on our
FOR SALE page, you can describe your ideal home on our
NEW HOME page. Or, if you'd like to find out what your
present home is worth go to our HOW MUCH page.
We even have a page for the investors with our

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