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Dr. Seth Anderson MD, FACP.
221 W. Pueblo Suite B
805 682-6461

      Dr. Anderson has been keeping mom going seemingly forever. He's just an incredible guy and we're so very greatful for what he's done for our family. He's a specialist in Infectious Diseases, and we think the best around.


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Dr. David Cannom M.D.
Los Angeles Cariology &
Clinical Electrophysiology
1245 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 703 Los Angeles
213 977-0419
FAX 213 977-0225

    Dr. Cannom is THE BEST!!! Everyone we have dealt with at LA Cardio has been friendly, caring, and truly helpful.  It's the way you always thought medicine should be practiced.   If you're ticker isn't doing what it should, call Dr. Cannom NOW!!!

       Click Here for the Los Angeles Cardiology Website.


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