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Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety    
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Greg Sylvis
House Bolting, Chimney Repair
Phone (626) 449-6118

      Greg is the guy to see if you want your house to remain where it is. He's a living legend, spoken of in hushed tones of respect by all the other people in the business.

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John Byer
The J. Byer Group, Inc.
1461 E. Chevy Chase Dr. Suite  Glendale
Phone 818 549-9959 FAX 818 543-3747

      John is absolutely nuts about rocks. I took a trip with him to Santa Barbara one time and he talked over all the rock formations on the Rincon back to prehistoric times. If you've got any doubt at all that your beautiful new home is going to keep its' fabulous view and not coming knocking on the neighbors house down below call John.

John Beyer

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