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Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds
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Santa Barbara Koi
110 E Montecito St, Santa Barbara
Phone 805 882-2256

Mark and Jill have been in the Koi business in Santa Barbara since 1980, over 25 years and have been at the present location since about 2001. Besides selling Koit hey also design, build, repair, and maintain Koi ponds and water gardens. They have maintained the Santa Barbara Missions fountains for over 20 years.

All of their Koi are quarantined for over 16 weeks on a separate property in Santa Barbara in an effort to sell quality, health Koi to the public.

Santa Barbara Koi is one of the more fun places in town. I even thought about putting it on the Field Trips page. If you've either got a pond or want to put one in you should go see Santa Barbara Koi. Whether it's a 500 gallons or 10,000 they'll have the answer for filtration, feeding your pets, and making sure they stay healthy and a joy to you for a long time.

Please stop in and see their store some time.


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