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Sartain Plumbing/Backhoe and Septic Systems
Phone 805 966-0296

     Sartain's have taken care of both our home and rental property of a couple of years now. He even came out on Christmas Eve on year and didn't charge me and arm and a leg. Most recently he repaired our main water line which has a very irritating habit of break. He does a great job and is there promptly.

Dave from Sartain Plumbing
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Jim Flores
Jim Flores and Son Plumbing
805 968-5117

     Fred has been doing a great job helping us out with the remodel of our home. He's installed the range, dishwasher, and everything else that needed installing. They clean sewers electrically, do furnace repairs and locate septic tanks. If you've ever lost one of those suckers it's tough to find it.


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American Leak Detection
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties
(805) 965-1000 (805) 656-0210 (805) 529-5500

Our water bill started spiraling out of site and we couldn't figure out how we were using so much more water than before. Finally after a water audit it was determined that there was a break in the line. This is a pretty scary thought because our meter is about 500 feet from our house and would involve some serious trenching. American Leak Detection found the problem quickly and made the repairs. If you can't figure out where you're pipes are leaking American Leak Detection can.


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