February 20, 2005

Goleta Takes Another Look at the General Plan


The pending departure of another high-level staff member has led officials to rethink their approach to Goleta's first general plan, and left an understaffed City Hall in search of more employees.

"We are able to make the best of these situations," Assistant City Manager Luci Romero Serlet said.

General Plan Manager Pat Dugan, hired in July 2003 under former City Manager Fred Stouder, recently announced his resignation effective March 4. His departure just weeks after the startling December resignation of Mr. Stouder, who apparently was forced out by the City Council, comes with several more months and countless revisions to go before a final general plan is ready for consideration.

Mr. Dugan is the only person at City Hall with significant expertise in the complicated geographic information system software being used to help create the general plan, which will guide growth in the city for decades to come.

Goleta in recent weeks hired an interim city manager, Len Wood, until a permanent replacement for Mr. Stouder is found. Now the city, already facing tough housing and development choices, seeks temporary planning consultants and eventually another permanent high-level planner to make up for the loss of Mr. Dugan.

Posted by gandlwoods at February 20, 2005 06:53 AM