May 20, 2005

Let's Get Together!

Today's Casa Article is all about a way of making business meetings a lot easier on travel weary road warriors.

WebEx is a company that provides global teleconferencing for a very reasonable rate. The post internet bubble limits on travel have made a lot of companies aware of the advantages of teleconferencing. WebEx's advantage is a global proprietary, IP-based multimedia network of switches, running parallel to the Internet called the MediaTone Network.

WebEx uses SSL encryption and firewalls to keep meetings secure. The company offers versions of its service designed for providing product support, training, Web seminars, and more, but its Meeting Center is the central service.

A basic subscription to Meeting Centers costs $100 per user per month, though volume discounts are available. You can launch a Meeting Center session in several ways. You can send a link to all meeting participants by e-mail, and they can click on the link to join the session or navigate from WebEx's Website to a page set up for joining meetings.

Microsoft Outlook and Office users who frequently join WebEx meetings can use a toolbar icon to join meetings. Outlook users can also use a toolbar to schedule WebEx meetings on their calendars.

Meeting Center also offers full-duplex Voice over IP so several people can speak concurrently during a VoIP conversation. A key difference between these meetings and a phone conference is that you can show people things, whether it's a product or a presentation.

If your company spends a lot of money flying people to meetings you need to check out WebEx.

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Posted by gandlwoods at May 20, 2005 08:35 AM