July 20, 2014

Montecito from Jan. 1 through July 11 comparing 14 to 13 for the Santa Barbara area

In the Montecito Real Estate area of Santa Barbara for the Condo Market the total numbers of properties available through July 11 is 21 compared to 43 last year for a 51% decline and the escrows are down with 18 last year compared to 9 this year for a 50% fall. There were 18 sales last year compared to 8 this year for a 55% drop and the average sales price has gone up from $1,194,722 to $1,792,438 for a 50% rise.

For Home Estates for Montecito Real Estate through July 11 there have been 328 listings compared to 385 last year for an 14% drop and the escrows are down from 144 to 118 for an 18% decline while the sales are down from 131 to 110 for a 16% fall. The average sales price is up from $3.156 million to $3.575 million for a 13% rise.

For the PUD market in Montecito there has been 3 listings this year compared to 1 last year and there has been 2 escrows compared to 0 last year. There have also been 2 sales this year compared to 0 last year and those 2 sales had an average sales price of $1,574,500.

Posted by gandlwoods at July 20, 2014 07:27 AM